Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hunting Guns - The good and the bad

I have had a lot of different types of guns and not everyone was meant for hunting. This is something that a lot of people seem to forget when they go hunting. Using the correct gun is vital when hunting and the importance cannot be stressed enough.

The Good

A good hunting gun is one that will not destroy the animal you are trying to shoot. You want the bullet to kill the animal but you do not want it to tear it apart which would make eating it nearly impossible. The best type of gun that can be used for hunting is an old, yet classic gun that is still my favorite to go hunting with and that is the mosin nagant rifle. It is very high powered and it gets the job done plain and simple. I personally like to add a nice mosin nagant scope mount to my rifle for the best accuracy possible. 

The next thing I would like to discuss is the type of ammo, don't use ammo that is not strong enough to kill the animal. That is bad for both the animal and you! I would suggest using 7.62x54R ammunition for hunting for the best results.

The Bad

A bad hunting gun is going to either tear the animal to shreds or will not be strong enough to kill an animal at long range. Either one is not good. I hear a lot of new gun users ask if they can use their AR15 to hunt, the answer is no!! Even though an AR-15 with an upper receiver is cool or you have a brand new buttstock for your AR you cannot use it to kill any animals. Those types of guns are used for personal use only. So stay away from them when hunting please, thanks.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Where We Hunt


When people talk about the best places to hunt waterfowl, Augusta, Arkansas comes to mind. Located in the Delta Region of the Mississippi Flyway, this area consists of rice and bean fields, lakes, flooded timber and river bottoms. Augusta draws numerous species of ducks and geese, so many that hunting them is just a way of life. The Delta Region of Arkansas runs from Northeast Arkansas to Southeast Arkansas between the Mississippi River to the East and White and Cache River to the West. 

Delta Ducks private hunting tracts, are located in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Woodruff County is one of two counties in Arkansas which have three flyways, Bayou DeView, Cache River, and White River. Delta Ducks has over 2000 acres of private land consisting of flooded timber in the Cache and White River Bottoms, rice and bean fields, Cypress lakes and willow lakes. These areas have a proven history of excellent duck hunting.